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Veterinary Pharmacy | Hagyard Pharmacy

Hagyard Pharmacy has become a nationwide leader in providing the equine industry with the highest quality veterinary pharmacy, pharmaceuticals and health products. We're a veterinary pharmacy with a PCAB accredited prescription compounding service, and we operate in strict compliance with government agency regulations. You can trust that your horse is receiving absolutely safe and effective pharmaceuticals.

Veterinary Pharmacy | Hagyard Pharmacy

If you need medications for your horse, you can't just stop in the local pet store. You need someone who understands equine health and can provide extremely specific medications to get your equine back into peak condition. Look no further than Hagyard Pharmacy.

Hagyard Pharmacy stocks, maintains, and sells a comprehensive inventory of prescription equine medications. These include breeding and foaling medications, EPM medications, antibiotics, hormone therapy, anti-ulcer medications, and dermatologicals, among many others.

We also have a complete lineup of over-the-counter and non-prescription medications for equines. These include skin and wound care kits, leg protection solutions, bandages, dewormers, vitamins and electrolytes, milk replacers, surgical supplies, and hoof care instruments. Everything you could need for your equine, Hagyard carries.

But what if you don't even know exactly what you need? Don't fret. Hagyard Pharmacy was conceived and designed by equine veterinarians and is staffed by licensed pharmacists and personnel with extensive knowledge of equine healthcare. We have years of experience monitoring the use of various medications and formulations on literally thousands of horses.  We'll use all this knowledge to get you exactly what you need without fuss.

Pay us a visit, give us a call, or simply order online. You'll find there's no better solution for keeping your equine in tip-top shape!

Hagyard Flex-tra 200

Developed by the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Hagyard's Flex-tra 200 is a revolutionary equine joint supplement designed to maintain healthy, flexible, pain-free joints in horses. The key ingredients in Flex-tra 200 have been clinically proven to improve joint mobility in horses using a double-blind study at Michigan State University. Unlike direct injections into specific joints, Flex-tra 200 works on all the joints in your horse at once.

Our solution is a preventative measure. Instead of injecting hyaluronic acid straight into the horse's joints after the problem has already caused damage, our supplement is administered orally. When used as directed, Flex-tra 200 is safe and very beneficial for your horse. Hyaluronic acide, glucosamine, and chondroitin are very useful in maintaining healthy joint cartilage and tissues, and our Flex-tra 200 contains all 3 supplements.

Using this supplement, even horses with exhausting exercise programs may never experience the damage and pain caused by lack of fluid on the joints. This allows them to stay in peak condition on the track, on the ranch, in the hunt, or on the show ring for extended periods of time. Have complete confidence in the quality and effectiveness of Flex-tra 200, the best oral joint therapy solution.

Flex-tra HA

Why Flex-tra HA?

Hyaluronan, also known as hyaluronic acid or HA, is a natural biomacromolecule found throughout the body in all mammals. It has many functions and purposes including, but not limited to: cell signaling, skin healing, retaining moisture, lubricating connective tissue, absorbing shock in joints, filtering synovial fluid, and supplying nutrients to cartilage. Located in high concentration in synovial fluid and cartilage, HA's main purpose is lubrication and shock absorption in order for joints to function comfortably and efficiently.

HA also has properties that contribute to reducing pain, easing inflammation, and are chondroprotective. Although naturally occurring, HA quantities and production decrease with time, and deficiency may become problematic in older or actively competing horses.

Hagyard Flex-tra HA is a nutritional supplement containing MHB3 bioactive hyaluronin to provide horse owners and trainers an easy and effective way to administer this valuable biological compound. Hagyard Flext-tra HA is a quality option for treatment of problem joints or maintenance of healthy ones. This formulation of HA is optimized for oral administration with most absorption occuring in the mouth and esophageal mucosal tissues before reaching the stomach. MHB3 Hyaluronan is made from the highest quality ingredients and contains no animal by-products. It contains the highest concentration (240mg/oz) of Hyaluronan available.

About Hagyard Pharmacy

Hagyard Pharmacy has become a nationwide leader in providing the equine industry with the absolute highest quality pharmaceuticals and health products. Hagyard Pharmacy is one of an elite group of veterinary pharmacies that have earned the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board’s Seal of Accreditation. Our PCAB accredited prescription compounding service operates in strict compliance with government agency regulations, so you can trust that your horse is receiving safe and effective pharmaceuticals.

Hagyard Pharmacy was conceived and designed by experienced equine veterinarians and is staffed by licensed pharmacists and personnel with extensive knowledge of horse healthcare. Years of continually monitoring the use of various medications and formulations on literally thousands of horses have contributed to the knowledge and expertise of Hagyard veterinarians and pharmacists. We'll offer you what your horse truly needs, and we'll assist you with recommended dosages and other applications, which you can't find elsewhere. That's why so many people trust us with the health of their equine, and you should too.

Backed by over 50 Hagyard veterinarians, Hagyard Pharmacy plays a unique and vital role in the continuum of superior care at Hagyard. Its mission remains to endeavor in all ways possible, to provide only the best in optimal horse healthcare.

Veterinary Pharmacy | Hagyard Pharmacy